About Us

Company Purposes

  • Connecting talent workforce to share Community’s knowledge in order to enhance Vietnam Oil & Gas Industry for independent growth.

Company Vision & Culture

  • Company Vision: Aim to become number one Petroleum Solutions Services Provider in Vietnam Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Company Culture: Deliver differentiates solutions services to our Customers through our diversity knowledge with passion and professionalism behavior that will help to exceed our Customer expectation.

Company Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our corner stone
  • Technical expertise: Enhance level of trust through our intensive and diversity knowledge in Vietnam Oil & Gas industry
  • Training & Development: Train and Develop new talent workforce generation for Vietnam Oil & Gas industry future succession.

Company History

  • The Petroleum Solutions Services (PSS) established in 2016 by two passionate and professionalism engineers who want to share their dream to the new age of Vietnam Oil & Gas industry by connecting the most senior and experiences talent workforces across Vietnam and International. Linking the Vietnamese talent that had been proved their intensive knowledge within Vietnam (PVI, PVU, HCMUT, etc …) and International Oil & Gas community (SPE, APQC, ADIPEC, etc …). We also received a fully consultation support from our Advisory Group that we trust will bring value added and provide the most significant solutions to your problems better than our competitor.
  • The PSS company core services include: Department Studies Services (Sub-Surface, Drilling & Completion, Hydraulic Fracturing), Manpower Supply Services (WSG, Drilling Superintendent), Organize events & networking Services (Field trip, Technical Workshop, SQM), and Technical Training Classes (Geology, Reservoir, Drilling & Completion, and Hydraulic Fracturing).