Oilfield Services

  • Tool rental Services: We provide the most wide range of tool types and hole sizes to tailor the best suit for your selection with very competitive package. By using our services it will help your organisation eliminate numerous type of costs such as: Inventory, Storage, Maintenance, and Logistic. Our Tool Rental Services provided as below:
    • Drilling Bits, Coring Bits, Conductors, Hole Opener.
    • Drilling Jars (Hydraulic and Mechanic activation) with all sizes
    • Dummy iron with all hole sizes (Stabilizers, Float Sub, Float Valves, NMDC, Pony NMDC)
    • Reamers, Shock Sub, Agitator, PBL Subs, fishing package.
  • Temporary Power Supply Generators Services: We provide the most reliable, and cost-effective rental power through our wide range of generators (Diesel, GreenPower, Natural Gas) rental from 30kW to 2MW for your projects. Whatever the challenges you are facing we will deliver an effective rental power generation and distribution solution tailored to your needs with cost-effective and less impact on the environment
  • Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring System Services: We deliver data that enables safer, more profitable production. The system will help your organisation to monitor of many upstream oil and gas production assets due to limited factors such as qualified personnel, limited the availability or difficulty of access in, for example offshore facilities (FPSO, Platforms, etc..), onshore production fields, and LNG plants. Our sensors are now in service on a full range of materials including carbon and cast carbon steel, P5.5 chrome, P9/9 chrome, 1% Cr (5130), duplex, P265GH (430-161), 1.4571 (316Ti), P295GH (17Mn4), monel, HR120, Inconel, Incoloy, and hastelloy.
  • Conventional Core & Cutting Storage and Delivery Services: We provide wooden box to store your formation cutting, conventional core and deliver to your warehouse in professional manner. We also provide facility storage for your cutting and conduct data interpretation upon request.