Subsurface Study

Optimize asset value with our comprehensive geoscience services, from exploration to production with full range of geological, petrophysical and reservoir engineering services.

Petroleum Solutions Services Team has more than 15 years experiences of working in Song Hong, Phu Khanh, Cuu Long, Nam Con Son, Malay -Tho Chu, Tu Chinh -Vung May Basin. We carry out subsurface study for full cycle project from petroleum system, prospects ranking to dynamic models. At every step in the E&P workflow, we have experts who understand the challenges and who can help to reduce the risks and uncertainties that you face.

We are strongly experiences in specialist technical disciplines including:

  • Petroleum System
  • Geochemistry Modeling
  • Sequence Stratigraphic Studies
  • Fault and Fracture Characteristics in Fractured Basement Reservoir
  • Fault Seal Capacity Analysis for Exploration and Development
  • Petrophysic Interpretation for Clastic and Fractured Basement Reservoir
  • Geological and Dynamic Models